Intel 2023 財政年度第一季財報公佈後,我們都清楚知道這個 x86 龍頭並不好過,因此裁員可能是在所難免,就在美國時間 5 月 8 日,Intel 即將裁員的消息獲得證實。

這一波裁員受到影響的事業群包含 CCG(Client Computing Group)以及 DCAI(Datacenter and AI Group)。根據半導體分析師 Dylan Patel 在其 Twitter 上提到,預計 Intel 將會縮減 10% 的預算,預估 CCG 與 DCAI 會有 20% 的人力縮減。

Tom’s Hardware 向 Intel 確認此事,並獲得 Intel 發言人對此次裁員釋出聲明,聲明如下:

Intel is working to accelerate its strategy while navigating a challenging macro-economic environment. We are focused on identifying cost reductions and efficiency gains through multiple initiatives, including some business and function-specific workforce reductions in areas across the company.

We continue to invest in areas core to our business, including our U.S.-based manufacturing operations, to ensure we are well-positioned for long-term growth. These are difficult decisions, and we are committed to treating impacted employees with dignity and respect.

Intel 在 2022 年底就曾啟動一波裁員行動,原先計畫在 4 月份會有另一波裁員行動,但可靠消息提到,該波行動被暫緩,而此次裁員也許就是 4 月份裁員的後續。雖然 Intel 與 AMD 在財報會議上都對外聲稱市場會在 2023 下半年開始出現反彈,但近期裁員的聲音不斷,不免讓人感受不到市場會有復甦跡象。