USB 可以協助工作,但你有沒有想過,它也能讓你的工作工具致命。

俄羅斯科技部落客「Dark Purple」最近又將他的殺手級作品升級,推出 USB Killer 2。

看似平凡無奇的USB,卻可以在連結電腦的同時釋放出高達 110 伏特的高電壓,至於可能造成的傷害就隨著電腦種類而有所不同了,因為大部分筆電 USB 連接埠都和重要零組件,如 CPU 都嵌入在主機板上,這樣的傷害就相當大。

更可怕的是,透過OTG轉接器,將USB Killer 2與手機或平板連結,這損害應該是無庸置疑的!

The drive uses high voltage and high current to ‘fry’ the electronics inside the port. And because this port is often connected to the CPU, the whole laptop can be affected. A colleague of Dark Purple is reported as saying the device is ‘like an atomic bomb: cool to have, but can not be applied’

The malicious drive has been dubbed ‘USB Killer’ and it uses a high voltage and current to ‘fry’ the laptop’s components. The prototype (pictured) was created by a Russian electronics expert known as Dark Purple

Dark Purple 的同事先前在測試後說:「這個裝置就像是一個自動炸彈,擁有它是件很酷的事情,但不應該被使用。」